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Packaging Factory
Sports and outdoor gear company

Expanding to new sales channels

In addition to managing inventory for multiple warehouses in 4Psite and auto-routing the orders to fulfillment centers based on inventory and priority criteria, our long standing customer and distributor of sports and outdoor gear is constantly adding new sales channels.

Delivery Man
Interior decoration seller

Drop shipping automation

Selling interior decoration items on Shopify, Houzz and Amazon, our customer since 2016 fulfills orders entirely via drop shipping. Every item in their product catalog is assigned to a default drop shipper, and thus the fulfillment center is selected automatically for the incoming order line items.

Furniture reseller

From one to multiple warehouses

One of the businesses that 4Psite has been supporting for many years, selling furniture on multiple Amazon, Walmart and Houzz stores in addition to Jet, Overstock, Sears, NewEgg and Shopify decided to centralize all their orders, inventory and warehouse management.


“We use 4P for multiple sites and various 3rd party platforms. Improved our efficiency substantially which ends up paying for the cost of the platform by needing fewer employees. Operations definitely run smoother.” 

—  SF, Store Owner

Upward Curve
Car parts company

Supporting exponential growth

This automotive company initially integrated their Shopify store with 4Psite in 2018, then one of their eBay stores and finally the second eBay store as well.

Work Desk
Cycling industry

EDI integrations

EDI is the most popular integration protocol among large business entities. 4Psite offers two options for EDI integration:

Devotional items store

Combining shipping and drop shipping efficiently

In their Woocommerce store, our customer sells devotional items that are shipped from their warehouse as well as items that are drop shipped.

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