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EDI integrations

Take your company to the next level.

EDI is the most popular integration protocol among large business entities.


4Psite offers two options for EDI integration:

(a) when selling products on sales channels like Wayfair or Lowes that will not enable businesses to sell on their platform unless they have an EDI integration.

(b) when sending orders to large suppliers for fulfillment (drop/shipping) or purchase orders.

4Psite supports bi-directional communication messages with EDI partners.

Our EDI integration is fully automated and our customers are actually handling the orders in the same way as other orders coming from regular sales channels (option a), or transmit the orders to their suppliers/ drop shippers in the same way as they would with a simple integration like email/ FTP (option b).


Using 4Psite since 2018, the company sells bicycle parts on several store platforms including Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Etsy, eBay and Wayfair.


The integration with Wayfair is done via EDI, however order processing is standardized, allowing our customer to process all the orders in the same way.

For order fulfillment, the company is using a 3PL (Third Party Fulfillment center) connected to 4Psite via EDI.

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