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4Psite allows you to integrate your channels and stores into one centralized order management system to help simplify your business operations. If you sell on multiple channels and carts, 4Psite can handle all of your order management needs in one interface. We currently support over 40 channels and carts, and continue to expand the list.

The 4Psite multi-channel web-based Order Manager includes

A centralized order management and fulfillment platform that allows for seamless operation for many channels

Advanced listers for: Walmart and eBay

Basic Amazon Lister

Feeders for product data upload to search engines and social networks, for comparison shopping

Main features

List items on: Walmart including all features.

List Items on eBay:

-List items individually or in bulk directly to eBay from your 4Psite catalog

List Items on Amazon:

-List items on Amazon individually or in bulk; search items on Amazon and list from your 4Psite catalog

Feed items to Google Merchant, Bing, Facebook, and other search engines

4Psite sends shipping confirmations and tracking automatically back to the stores and channels, (when applicable)

Track inventory from your own warehouse, as well as your drop shipper’s warehouse

Automatically pull all orders from your stores and channels into the 4Psite System

View, sort, and search for orders from all your stores and channels on one screen

Ship or Drop ship any orders from the 4Psite interface

4Psite feeds inventory levels and price back to your stores and channels (when applicable)

Automatically create purchase orders based on reorder points & quantity from suppliers

Create manual orders for existing or new customers

Many additional order management features available

Advantages & Benefits

The 4Psite System offers the automation you need to grow your business. You may start with the central and essential built-in Shipping module and CRM and add any other modules as needed such as: Drop shipping, Inventory, and integration with more channels and listers. You will continue to work on the same 4Psite interface, whether you have a few orders, hundreds or thousands of orders a day.

Manage all of your channels in one central interface for a consolidated workflow

4Psite automatically pulls in your orders from more than 40 channels and carts so there is no manual order import necessary

Customer information automatically saved onto the customer’s internal profile

Many options to ship provide you with ultimate flexibility

Save time with our automated Drop shipping and Purchase Order System

Maximize profits by selling on more channels

Save money by using 4Psite’s eBay and Amazon listers

Increased accuracy with automatic inventory updates

Ability to fulfill orders and print labels in batch

Automatic confirmation emails to customers

CRM features vastly improve your company's internal communications

CRM features for effective communication with customers

Allow access to all employees, and assign different roles for increased productivity and efficiency

Automated updates to your stores for processes completed on 4Psite

Intelligence and reports to allow for a more proactive and efficient system of operations

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