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Inventory & E-procurement

4PSite is a web-based central Inventory Manager for your stores and channels. Our Multi Channel Inventory Management System allows you to have an accurate count of inventory for your items. 4Psite will keep track of your inventory automatically based on incoming and outgoing orders and will send inventory updates to your channels. Out-of-stock items can be placed on backorder automatically, allowing you to ship any other items that are in stock on an order. Likewise, with accurate inventory and 4Psite’s automatic updates to your channels, you also have the opportunity to prevent customers from ordering out-of-stock items, which saves you from future hassle.

Main Features

4Psite’s inventory system can distinguish between your warehouse inventory, amount of units allocated to unfulfilled orders, units expected to arrive on pending P.O’s, and the true available amount once pending orders are fulfilled. Drop shippers’ inventory can also be managed alongside your own warehouse inventory, allowing you to accurately see how many units your drop shippers have available and how many units you have in your warehouse.


Cost tracking

Search / Filter

Inventory Overview

Kitting & Bundles

Order Entry

Purchase Order Management

Shipping Management

Multi Location

Inventory Forecasting

Reorder Management

Supplier Management

Traceability, log of changes

Transfer Management


Warehouse Management, bins

Inventory Reports & Intelligence

QuickBooks Integration

Advantages & Benefits

The Inventory System offers you the ability to check availability as your customers are placing their order

Enables to eliminate the option for customers to place orders for items that are out of stock

Enhances organization, and makes purchasing a quick and easy process

You can access the cloud-based system from anywhere, and any time

Allows your company accurate unit counts

Automatic or on-demand Purchase Order creation

Low inventory items daily email notification

Inventory tracking, includes item options -attributes

Supports “normal” drop-shipped and

“virtual” products

Returns Management

Auto-feeding the Inventory levels to channels: eBay, Amazon and some other channels

Easy importing and exporting of product data

Support of hundreds of suppliers

Supports hundreds of thousand of items and the options of these items

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