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In this month of March, we are bringing back our successful series of live webinars. These exclusive events for clients are presented monthly, usually in the second half of the month, to complement your learning process and even get you a boost when dealing with 4Psite. For the comeback, we chose a favorite of yours, our warehouse management system.

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As adaptable as we are, 4Psite is always concerned about the needs of our customers and the WMS is truly a final result of research allied to a trustworthy relationship with our clients. 4Psite offers a built-in system that will be in charge of your possible multiple locations. It works perfectly if you have only one warehouse as well, because being flexible is a priority.

The warehouse management system can have multiple BINs associated with your products, filtering views, picking management and you can fulfill and ship your orders directly from this module. The WMS is a facilitator to your pickers and shippers that need to move around when doing their tasks. 4Psite idealized this module to work well on your computer and on your tablet. 

With every month and theme chosen, 4P builds different types of presentations with a maximum length of 40 minutes just so our clients can accommodate a little time in their schedule to be present. A different outlook for every month and topic are a must on these webinars - our team is engaged to bring you new ideas, perceptions and new interpretations onto the modules that you might know by heart. New punctual additions to the system are also mentioned during these events. 

We invite you to be with us on March 20th, at 10AM PST for the Live Webinar: Warehouse Management System. You will be able to get the link at the message board or go to the bottom of your 4Psite screen and click on "Next Webinars". 

4Psite is a multi-channel, cloud-based system with features such as inventory management, purchase management, manual orders module, shipping and much more. To discover all about 4Psite, visit our page.

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Black Friday is approaching and after having the best turkey of your life, it's time to make some profit from one of the most special dates for online sellers. But a few preparations are needed in order to achieve a great performance and satisfy your customers.

In this article, we tailored three pieces that are important to use in your company.

1 - Define your priorities

Not only buyers, but also sellers need to define priorities for Black Friday. You need to consider that clients will have their eyes set on specific things and good deals. For example:if you are a 4Psite user, you can use our Daily Sales Report to offer actual discounts and get the bigger picture when it comes to your items. Set a roadmap right now: which items are interesting to your clients? And which ones are most likely to sell with a real discount? This is the time to act!

2 - Offer actual discounts

You already sold a good amount of money on Thanksgiving, so how can you sell more instead of gain more? I explain: instead of having a 20% income from one item sold, how about selling 10 items instead? Will the profit at the end be just as satisfying? To help you with that judgment, I recommend using the Inventory COGS Report (by SKU) on 4Psite. By comparing the values, you can better find a solution by looking at the margin percentage. And beware, your returning clients know the prices from before Black Friday, after all, when a buyer has their mind set on a specific item, they did their research beforehand.

3 - Clear your stock

Every company needs to have their annual counts on inventory. If you use our automated inventory, you know the actual availability of your stock on your local warehouse and on your external warehouses too. If your drop shipper is responsible for storing your inventory, we can also receive this information. This is a great opportunity to get rid of products that you have a bigger availability with an amusing discount. This is also a nice way to plan/get from your supplier the products that will have a bigger demand and the substitutes for the ones you intend to sell. Offer a nice deal, sell more, get items from your supplier to attend the demand and strategize your catalog for the next year. Again, with 4Psite you can rely on inventory, purchase management, warehouse management and also various reports to assist you from the beginning to the end of the loop.

Time is precious and the more you plan, the better are the results year by year. Do you think your business is ready to crush this Black Friday sales? 4Psite clients have all these tools and a customer service that is fast and attentive. If you have questions for us, visit our channels below. We'd love to hear from you and share some knowledge about e-commerce!


4Psite is a multi-channel, cloud-based system with features such as inventory management, purchase management, manual orders module, shipping and much more. To discover all about 4Psite, visit our page.

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The most exciting and important part of the year for ecommerce sellers is coming! It's time to shake up your operations and analyze if you are truly ready for the end of the year. With so many dates coming up, it is important to establish a few strategies to strive to make a better profit and also, to satisfy your customers. As we all know a happy customer is a returning customer.

In 4Psite, we thought about this particular time of the year and decided to share three steps that we find imperative to apply from now on. Our internal talk led to the following:

When Mariah says it's time: IT IS TIME!

1- Good time management makes happy teams

4P believes in managing time by centralizing and automating the daily processes that makes the whole picture easier..

At this time of the year, the focus is the essentials. So, if you are using our system right now, you know you can rely on automation so you can focus on what's really necessary.

They say time is money, right?

2 - Poor time management creates stress and headaches

Through the period from November to December, it's normal to receive requests of returns, refunds and exchanges.

When trying to make these processes stress-free to the customer and to the seller, it's absolutely imperative to focus on efficiency.

4Psite is not just focusing on improvements of the system itself but we are also very serious about connecting and communicating with our customers. So we are sharing this golden advice with you: though the end of September and beginning of October, you should already have everything ready to roll. Planning is the way to go right now: don't lose any more time. Sit down and share your experiences as a team and define the points that you need to give more attention to.

3 - Get ready for the reverse logistics

By setting smart goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-oriented, you will get a better internal experience when you receive the common tasks for this time of the year. Returns, refunds and reverse logistics requests are common to arise at this part of the year. Be prepared to make it as smooth as possible to your internal team and to your final customer. This can be very stressful to do, unless you already have automation through your order management system. 4Psite provides the full experience, from pulling the order to the eventual return and inventory correction. This process needs to be efficient and satisfying in both ways, so make sure that you got it all!

After learning our thoughts, do you feel like your e-commerce business is ready to get the most of the Holiday season? Do you feel like sharing your own thoughts with us? Comment on our instagram page, we'd love to hear back from you!


4Psite is a multi-channel, cloud-based system with features such as inventory management, purchase management, manual orders module, shipping and much more. To discover all about 4Psite, visit our page.

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