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Successful Woman

Supporting exponential growth

Accuracy can take you a long way.

This automotive company initially integrated their Shopify store with 4Psite in 2018, then one of their eBay stores and finally the second eBay store as well.


Each integration was performed smoothly and the orders kept flowing automatically into our system for easy and centralized fulfillment from the company’s warehouse.

Benefiting from the 4Psite built-in SKU conversion feature, our customer can feed inventory levels across all the stores even though the items are set with multiple listings and store codes.

Barcode scanning the product SKUs at the shipping stage allows the company to verify the items before they are packed and thus ensure the accuracy of the shipment, avoid end customer claims and returns in addition to achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.

In the past months, the company has more than doubled its order volume. 4Psite supported the increase in the number of orders, and permitted the company to manage its operations efficiently and grow its activity exponentially.

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