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Shipping Boxes

Combining shipping and drop shipping efficiently

The best for you and for your customers.

In their Woocommerce store, our customer sells devotional items that are shipped from their warehouse as well as items that are drop shipped.

Moreover, when an item that is usually stored in their warehouse runs out of inventory, 4Psite automatically assigns and transmits the order to the vendor/ drop shipper as an alternative source of fulfillment.

This allows the company to efficiently manage the orders and ensure high levels of end customer satisfaction through fast delivery, all the while lowering the shipping and handling costs.

In addition to managing inventory and shipping from their warehouse, and drop shipping specific items or items that are out of stock, the business also handles backorders.


4Psite provides automated solutions for backorders management, including marking the order line items as “back-ordered”, setting reorder points and quantities so as to auto-generate supplier purchase order proposals, automating the POs receiving process and filling the backorders as soon as the purchased quantity is in stock.

4Psite allows the company to manage returns as well, and direct them according to the destination of the returned items: either “returned to inventory” which will update the SKU’s quantity immediately or “returned to vendor” if the item was initially drop shipped.

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