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Finances & QuickBooks

Manage your finances as a part of 4Psite’s fully integrated cloud-based and multi-channel order management system. The system keeps track of all sales, returns, purchase orders to suppliers, and purchase orders to drop shippers. We offer many different financial reports to assist with business management. In addition to internal financial reports, we are also fully integrated with Quickbooks: QB Online,  QB desktop including a tool to support IIF file export.  4Psite supports Quickbooks POS as well.

Main Features

Financial reports for accounting purposes

Sales reports including option to select specified date ranges

Automatic daily matrix email including sales for the day

Sales summary reports by store or by item

Sales tax reports

Key performance reports per market

QuickBooks Online is highly recommended for smooth automated operations

Export IIF files for Quickbooks desktop version

Exportable files include: sales receipts, invoices, drop ship PO’s, drop ship bills, and supplier PO’s

Easy import of files to Quickbooks

Quickbooks POS: manual or automatic option for inventory updates


All of your stores and items are on one fully integrated system which allows for proper sales management

Automatic daily sales reporting

Accountant access to manage sales

No changes required for Quickbooks files. Easy export and easy import

Access to multiple different

sales reports

Efficient financial management resulting in increased sales

Ability to see which items sell the most versus which sell the least

Increased productivity for Quickbooks integration

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