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Working from Home

Expanding to new sales channels

Growth is a few clicks away.

In addition to managing inventory for multiple warehouses in 4Psite and auto-routing the orders to fulfillment centers based on inventory and priority criteria, our long standing customer and distributor of sports and outdoor gear is constantly adding new sales channels.

From the conventional eBay, BigCommerce and Amazon channels, to Walmart including DSV, Jet, NewEgg, Wish, Groupon, FaceBook, Google Express, PriceFalls, MassGenie and Yugster. 4Psite allows the company to thrive by centralizing all the orders, for standardized fulfillment.


In addition to shipping with 4Psite’s built-in shipping programs, the company also uses Shipstation. Providing a direct integration with Shipstation, 4Psite can feed the orders to Shipstation, pull the tracking numbers automatically and ultimately send them to the store(s).

Inventory is managed efficiently in our centralized platform for all the stores, 4Psite including options to control the feed per SKU, warehouse as well as quantity thresholds.

Numerous tools are available for automated inventory replenishment, like setting reorder points and quantities, mapping supplier per SKU, daily inventory alerts, automated purchasing proposals that can be easily validated into Purchase Orders, bar-code scanning and receiving processes, and more.

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