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From one to multiple warehouses

Efficiency through flexibility.

One of the businesses that 4Psite has been supporting for many years, selling furniture on multiple Amazon, Walmart and Houzz stores in addition to Jet, Overstock, Sears, NewEgg and Shopify decided to centralize all their orders, inventory and warehouse management.

In order to quickly and cost-efficiently deliver orders to their customers, the company set up two fulfillment centers (3PLs): one on the West coast and one on the East coast. A few years later, it became evident that a third warehouse would be needed, and 4Psite accommodated it immediately.


The incoming orders are routed to the fulfillment centers based on the end customer’s location. Should the warehouse that is initially selected be out of inventory, 4Psite can submit the order line item to the next back-up warehouse(s).

The 3PL users connect to 4Psite to ship the orders that are assigned to them, with their own UPS, FedEx or USPS account. The generated tracking numbers are then fed automatically to the store(s).

Inventory is tracked for every SKU and 3PL separately, and can be fed from all, several or just one warehouse to the sales channels, according to the company’s selection.

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