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Live Webinar season is back: Find the best way to manage your warehouse

In this month of March, we are bringing back our successful series of live webinars. These exclusive events for clients are presented monthly, usually in the second half of the month, to complement your learning process and even get you a boost when dealing with 4Psite. For the comeback, we chose a favorite of yours, our warehouse management system.

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As adaptable as we are, 4Psite is always concerned about the needs of our customers and the WMS is truly a final result of research allied to a trustworthy relationship with our clients. 4Psite offers a built-in system that will be in charge of your possible multiple locations. It works perfectly if you have only one warehouse as well, because being flexible is a priority.

The warehouse management system can have multiple BINs associated with your products, filtering views, picking management and you can fulfill and ship your orders directly from this module. The WMS is a facilitator to your pickers and shippers that need to move around when doing their tasks. 4Psite idealized this module to work well on your computer and on your tablet. 

With every month and theme chosen, 4P builds different types of presentations with a maximum length of 40 minutes just so our clients can accommodate a little time in their schedule to be present. A different outlook for every month and topic are a must on these webinars - our team is engaged to bring you new ideas, perceptions and new interpretations onto the modules that you might know by heart. New punctual additions to the system are also mentioned during these events. 

We invite you to be with us on March 20th, at 10AM PST for the Live Webinar: Warehouse Management System. You will be able to get the link at the message board or go to the bottom of your 4Psite screen and click on "Next Webinars". 

4Psite is a multi-channel, cloud-based system with features such as inventory management, purchase management, manual orders module, shipping and much more. To discover all about 4Psite, visit our page.

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