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Webinar throwback: 4P's year of special presentations

We are almost wrapping up the year and we have a lot to celebrate. Besides selling, providing customer service, training, and answering your questions, our account managers also succeeded to present helpful webinars throughout 2021.

It is that time of the year to reminisce about all things that brought us to this day. Let's take a walk down memory lane of webinars, shall we?


  • Scanning features: We started the year with this subject, back in January. In this presentation, we gathered all the relevant places where you can use scan guns as tools to save time. 4P has boxes strategically placed in the system where you can scan barcodes to your advantage.


  • Automation keys: One of the strongest points of 4Psite is definitely the automation of processes. We can assign products to suppliers, select automatically the drop shipper that is responsible for a specific item, we can show the carrier and all the parameters for shipping that you define via rules, etc. 4P has much more automation than you'd expect.


  • Marketplaces & listers: We divide the channels as marketplaces/listers and stores. Besides the explanation of the concepts, we talked about how 4P can be a helpful tool to list your products to marketplaces. 4P offers a robust module to list items to eBay and Walmart, for example.


  • Information security at 4Psite: In 4Psite, we take seriously the data that we display. We follow all rules from the channels and we had this conversation with clients about the measures we take to ensure that your customer's information is protected.


  • Product data flows: 4Psite is exchanging a never-ending flow of information with the sales channels, drop shippers and suppliers. In this webinar, we looked specifically into the product data that we pull and push throughout the day, like listing to eBay, Amazon and Walmart, feeding items’ information to Facebook & Google, pulling the product catalog from store platforms, pulling inventory from drop shippers and feeding price & quantity updates to stores & marketplaces.


  • Catalog vs Inventory: There are a lot of misconceptions about the differences between catalog and inventory. For this webinar, we explained in detail the fundamental concepts of inventory and catalog and their purposes. They are definitely not the same but are connected in so many ways.


  • New Features: 4P is always improving the system to serve our customers and their businesses. Once a year, we take one of our webinar dates to show clients what they can use next and perhaps include into their workflow. The relationship we build with customers is what makes the system so vast and on-point to your daily operations. Improvement is the key!


  • 4P Reports: 4P offers a wide variety of reports inside the system. We divide them into themes just so you can find what suits you best. 4P has the information and the accuracy you need.


  • CRM: To know your business, you must know your customers. 4P also helps you understand how they behave on your stores just so you can grow your company and better attend to their needs. Customers' profile, their payments, revenues and more. You can communicate with your customers from 4P and even have an SMTP account connected.


  • Supply chain tools: In October, the US suffered from the supply chain situation and its mishaps. For this reason, we picked a popular subject to explore in the webinar and offered a few solutions to prevent let downs. 4P has a supplier and purchasing module to assist your business.


  • QuickBooks integration: For the last two months of the year, we decided to have just one webinar. We respect your needs throughout this time of increase in your sales and operations, so why not focus on one matter that will serve many customers at once? The last webinar of the year took place in December and was mainly about how we integrate with QuickBooks Online, how the mapping works and the perks of having the Online version.

And we have reached the end of our calendar of webinars. Which subject would you rather see next year? Do you have any suggestions? We always look forward to hearing your feedback!

For now, we wish you a Happy holidays, and a Happy New Year! We can't wait to see what 2022 will bring in automations, additions, tools and of course, more useful webinars!


4Psite is a multi-channel, cloud-based system with features such as inventory management, purchase management, manual orders module, shipping and more. To discover all about 4Psite, visit our page.

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