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How are you doing? And what are we doing?

During this difficult time, we may find a few changes on workflow. Readjusting is necessary in the current scenario, and for us, if you are working from home or providing essential services to your community, we want to let you know that the 4P team is here to listen and fully support businesses.

We appreciate all the trust you’ve placed in us throughout the time and 4Psite will be happy to serve your company and help you to thrive - as we’ve always been.

The idea of presenting a weekly webinar came as a way to add a new piece of information tool as we approach different modules and features in a guide-through presentation every Wednesday at 11AM PST.

If you are following our team messages, you were able to be part of the CRM tools and features, kits and sets, and warehouse management webinars. This is a different and an “on point” way of connecting to you. And we are also able to solve questions in a collective perspective with a Q&A at the end and light up new possibilities to implement in the daily routine.

To make the comprehension of modules brighter and give you the chance to join, we are covering the same topic twice, so if you were not able to enter the first session, we always offer a second chance.

To keep up with dates, get the links and know the subjects, we are putting the information at the Message board that you can see on your 4Psite’s main page, at the top of the screen, right hand side.

We plan to keep the webinars and you can always suggest features for us to present. We definitely want to hear from you, so contact your account manager and let them know what you are most interested in seeing.

If you are interested in getting to know 4Psite, you may always ask for free demonstrations of the system. Please, contact us to schedule a view of our platform!

The whole 4P team is working hard to attend your issues, answer questions and give you the best support possible. We also appreciate the recommendations you’ve made on social media channels about our system and customer service expertise. We thank you for those great reviews, and that is what motivates us to always improve our services.

We hope to find you well, healthy and safe.

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4Psite is a multi-channel, cloud based system with features such as purchase management, manual orders module, shipping and more. To discover all about 4Psite, visit our page.

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