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Etsy sellers: it is time to manage your inventory!

Maintaining your business organized is a must when it comes to online sales.

With 4Psite you can manage inventory in the most reliable way. We show you all the relevant numbers in order to keep you on track with the items you have currently on your warehouse, the ones you need to ship it out, the expected quantities you will receive from your suppliers and the available amount you will have after the fulfillment of your orders.

Our goal is to feed accurate information to all your marketplaces and stores. Our platform also carries the creation of inventory labels to ensure the correct stock is getting out to your final customers.

Besides supporting all the major channels with inventory feed and general management, we are always trying to improve our integrations. So, today, we got some news for you!

If you have an Etsy store, we can now feed inventory to it!

When you process orders inside 4P, we feed back the information to your store. All numbers will match and you will always be on track with your products quantities.

If you are someone who handcrafts your own products you are an original! 4Psite is here to help you manage your company while you focus on your success!

We are a multi-channel, cloud based system with features such as purchase management, manual orders module, shipping and more.

To discover all about 4Psite, visit our page.

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