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BigCommerce User Guide

4Psite centralizes your Bigcommerce stores, as well as other carts and channels, into one fully integrated order management system allowing for a streamlined process. You can perform all store operations through our system including shipping, drop shipping, inventory and purchasing management, CRM, listers and feeders, QuickBooks integration, and much more.

A comprehensive training will be provided by the 4Psite account managers once the account is registered.

Order capture & fulfillment

4Psite automatically captures your BigCommerce orders, as well as orders from other channels, for centralized order management and fulfillment.

For order fulfillment, you have the option to choose between 4Psite's built-in shipping module, the shipping systems that 4Psite integrates with and/ or our robust & automated dropshipping features.

4Psite automatically feeds the tracking numbers obtained from shipping and/ or dropshipping to your BigCommerce store and your other sales channels, so that your customers are notified about shipping events.

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Product Inventory

Catalog & Inventory Management

4Psite automatically pulls your store catalog and updates it daily. In addition, your SKUs are auto-pulled from BigCommerce to our inventory database, so that you may efficiently enter the on-hand quantities and start syncing the availability with all your stores and marketplaces.

4Psite offers a wide range of options for optimum product managament, like kits & bundles, SKU conversion setup, safety feed quantities & thresholds and many more.

Payments processing & Returns/ Refunds

From 4Psite, you have the option to capture and process funds automatically on shipping events or individually, on a per order basis. Batch charging is also available in the event that orders need to be charged in mass before the shipping information is available.

4Psite is equipped with a full returns module, allowing you to register and track your returns, in addition to issuing refunds for your customers.

Entering credit card details

Purchasing Management & WMS

Closely related to Inventory Management, 4Psite provides an efficient and semi-automated eProcurement system, allowing you to create or validate Purchase Orders, transmit them to your suppliers and perform the receiving process.

Barcode scanning is an integral part of 4Psite and the Warehouse Management System relies heavily on Barcode scanning features. The 4Psite WMS provides an efficient and accurate picking process and also supports storage of products in multiple locations (BINs).

Take your business to the next level with revolutionary features

Offering flexibility and scalability, 4Psite provides a wide range of additional features that you can benefit from and can use at your convenience:

-Built-in CRM
-Wholesale & manual orders
-Listers & feeders
-EDI services
-QuickBooks integration
& more.

Online Warehouse Worker
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