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WIX Stores

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Grow your eCommerce business and sell anytime, anywhere with Wix Stores. Join over 7,000,000 merchants who built and run their business with Wix Stores.

Sell more - on every channel

  • Sell across multiple channels including your custom website, Facebook, Instagram and more.

  • Increase customer loyalty with coupons, discounts and subscriptions.

  • Recover abandoned carts with automatic emails

  • Expand your products offerings by seamlessly connecting dropshipping and POD (print-on-demand) suppliers for hassle-free orders with no inventory costs

Manage everything in one place

  • Set shipping rules, track inventory and connect to leading fulfillment solutions.

  • Automate tax calculation with Avalara® and add essential store policies so shoppers know what to expect

  • Track your sales and store performance with analytics

Securely accept online payment

  • Choose a payment provider like Wix Payments, Paypal and Stripe.

  • Offer customers secure SSL-certificate checkout

Target the right shoppers

  • Rank high on Google with SEO tools

  • Optimize your social campaigns with automated Facebook ads that do the work for you

Receive 24/7 customer support by email, phone and chat. Grow your business and sell anytime, anywhere with Wix Stores. View more

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