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4Psite provides retailers with:

  • An advanced eBay lister

  • An Order management and fulfillment for eBay, and other channels and carts.

eBay lister:

4Psite integration to eBay automates your eBay listings, by providing you with the ability to create listings by publishing through a template, or connecting to existing listings. Once created/matched, 4Psite manages delisting & relisting, publishing updated inventory quantities, and prices.


Main features:

  • Listing from your 4Psite catalog directly to eBay, individually or in bulk.

  • Estimate your listing and selling fees

  • Autoloader mode to improve your top-sellers performance

  • Kits support

  • Modify/cancel auctions

  • Capture orders in real-time

  • Notify eBay of shipped items

eBay Order Management System:

4Psite is a multi channel Order Management System that provides central and seamless integration for eBay and other channels and carts.

4Psite is recognized by eBay as an “eBay compatible application”.

Main features:

  • Directly and automatically pulling in all your orders into the 4Psite System

  • Ship or Drop ship orders and notify eBay on shipping confirmations

  • Feeding inventory levels and price back to eBay

  • Create recommended purchase order from suppliers.

  • And all other features detailed under Order Management 

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