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Amazon FBA

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4Psite is a web-based fulfillment system, that allows merchants to automatically break down and transmit orders to fulfillment centers, and capture shipping and tracking information.

4PSite offers Amazon FBA as a 3rd party Drop shipper as part of our order management system for your items physically stored in Amazon’s fulfillment center. This fully automated solution allows merchants to sell on various channels, while simplifying the inventory process. 4Psite can automatically send items to FBA for shipping and fulfillment. Once FBA orders are shipped, we pull orders as “shipped” into the 4PSite system.

  • Captures orders from your stores and channels

  • Scans orders for potential fraud, with parameters customizable by you.

  • Modifies order information when applicable

  • Items can be assigned to a specific fulfillment center, such as FBA, on a permanent or per order basis

  • Push automatically segmented orders, based on the designated fulfillment center

  • Orders can be pushed in batches or in real-time

  • Shipping methods conversion to meet the FBA requirements.

  • Capturing shipped orders

  • Pull inventory levels

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