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What's the top priority for your e-commerce business?

Recently, 4Psite ran a survey that was answered by its customers. This endeavor brought attention to three topics that are going through everyone's minds these days. While we share our findings, we also ask you: what's your top priority today in terms of e-commerce operations?

1 - Inventory centralization

It is very common to see companies working with several warehouses, locations or even multiple drop shippers. Supporting these modus operandi is not only imperative to small/medium sized companies, but the concern of having automated and centralized inventory levels is a true goal when selling online.

2 - Financial accuracy

From paper to computer-based to online systems; things have evolved tremendously in the accounting world. Regarding financial records, having QuickBooks Online is a trend among e-commerce companies. You can simply set your order management system to transmit the information that you need to QuickBooks Online, and keep track of your gains and costs. A thriving company needs to know how much cash is flowing in and how much is being spent for optimum business management.

3 - Purchase Management

The supply chain issues that we saw occur in the recent past are still on the news and a true concern for online sellers. It is important to have control over expected dates, quantities, and to be notified when a product is running low. Surprises may come along the way, but when you have it all in place, ready to be checked and reported, it is easier to avoid delays and give the end customer an accurate response about their purchase. The communication between suppliers, companies and customers needs to be efficient and accurate.

Do you have different priorities these days? 4Psite wants to hear your thoughts and plans for the second semester that is approaching.


4Psite is a multi-channel, cloud-based system with features such as inventory management, purchase management, manual orders module, shipping and much more. To discover all about 4Psite, visit our page.

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