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What do you know about EDI connection?

Are you familiar with EDI?

We can explain!

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EDI is the abbreviation for Electronic Data Interchange. It allows computer to computer exchange of documents and information in a standardized format between business partners.

The connection brings major benefits as it reduces costs, errors, as well it speeds communication processes and transactions, improves data quality and the partnership among companies.

4Psite offers EDI services for you and your company!

Our EDI is provided at a competitive price and supports all sizes of retailers including mid-sized and small businesses that can work with mega, EDI based, suppliers in order to expand growth and scale the supply chain.

Our structured EDI technology is the major data exchange for several B2B businesses. The connection integrates with retail platforms trading partners such as Overstock, Wayfair, Amazon Vender, Lowe’s, Hayneedle, Walmart DSV and more. We pull purchase orders from partners, push shipping confirmation, inventory availability and invoice.

Our EDI services also extend to communicating with large Drop shippers and 3rdParty Logistics to support sending orders, pulling invoices, shipping confirmation and inventory levels.

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