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Share-A-Sale: what are the perks of the platform?

Share-A-Sale can be your ally when it comes to affiliate channel efforts. To advertise your business is one more way to go if you wish to be seen and thrive in ecommerce.

What is Share-A-Sale? How does it work with 4P?

Share-A-Sale is a performance marketing network where you can advertise your products to appear in banners and other publicity formats on different websites. The interface is easy, friendly and the company has been there for over 15 years.

On top of an ecommerce store you may connect your social media as well. Efficiency and accuracy are the main perks of working with this platform.

Merchants have full control over the content, activities, rules, approval strategy, and also over commission structure.

4P will void orders on Share-A-Sale when you cancel them on 4P. But beware: unless you void orders on Share-A-Sale that were cancelled, you are paying commission.


4Psite is a multi-channel, cloud based system with features such as inventory management, purchase management, manual orders module, shipping and more.

To discover all about 4Psite, visit our page.

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