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It's time to go full e-commerce: 3 reasons to start selling online right now

4Psite is always attentive to the news and trends when it comes to selling online. The world has changed in the past few years and if it felt like a new perspective back then, now it is a blunt reality: Buying and selling online might be easier for both parties. We listed three points to encourage you to go online today!

  • Prices are dropping

According to a study by Adobe Digital Price Index, prices are dropping for the eight consecutive month, completing an almost 2% drop. This news comes as a competitive and great choice to customers that were once more keen to buy in a physical store. You can sell to a wider audience if you analyze the pros of it - it's also convenient to buy in a few clicks and receive it at your door. Some store owners that are operating both at physical locations and online can offer coupons and better deals at their ecommerce business to give an incentive on this modality of selling. If the prices are better online, the client will prefer the most convenient option.

  • Automated replenishment + original strategy

Mostly beauty and pet supplies are on the rise online. In this article about a beauty brand, they explain their strategy of being curators of their products just so the client can acquire what they really need in their routine. Then, they offer the option of an automatic replenishment, so the customer can receive the goods from time to time without needing to place new orders every time. Subscriptions on medications and vitamins are also very common in the online environment. More than just a product, set a strategy that it's different from the usual.

  • Sustainability

If you have a sustainable solution, this is the time to get your game on. According to this article, two-thirds of consumers decide on a purchase at least partially based on whether the product is environmentally friendly, and that number rises with younger audiences. Meanwhile, 50% of product growth in CPGs comes from sustainable products; consumers are willing to spend more on products when marketed as such.

If you already have stores online and need to optimize your time by automating and fulfilling your orders, contact us at 4Psite today. We can work with you to find the best workflow and help you throughout the process. From the beginning to the loop closing, 4Psite is the ultimate cloud based system that will centralize your operations as a harmonized unit. —--------------------------------------------------------------------

4Psite is a multi-channel, cloud-based system with features such as inventory management, purchase management, manual orders module, shipping and much more. To discover all about 4Psite, visit our page.

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