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How does 4Psite help you get to where you want to go?

We have already discussed the reasons why having an order management system can be decisive when it comes to making your ecommerce business prosper. Today, we'd like to list a few other benefits that come as a result of an organized, automated and intelligent system. To get you where you want to go, 4Psite has a lot more than the basics.

FLEXIBILITY: 4Psite goes far beyond in comparison to a simple and basic order management module. Let's first focus on the decision making: you decide how to fulfill, where to start the post-sale process as a whole. Do you want to set rules for shipping? Do you want to create batches? Do you need to keep track of multiple warehouses and BIN locations? We are proud to provide all these options and more. And you can decide the sequence of the actions and change them any time.

MADE FOR ALL TYPES OF BUSINESS: You may think that having a cloud-based software is a luxury, but 4Psite proves that this statement is wrong in so many ways. Our system is technological and friendly at the same time, and far from being expensive or a fit for only medium/ big companies.

In addition, 4Psite doesn't hold you to a contract. We strongly believe in our power of making your daily operations smooth and successful and we want you to see it for yourself. It is possible to benefit from the automation, centralization and the easy-going flow of a full system without needing to spend all of your budget.

DON'T LOOK BACK: Once you are used to having a system in your daily operations routine, it's done! The ability of having total control over your ecommerce business will make all the difference. On top of it all, 4Psite’s centralization is unparalleled to the extent that you don't need another program, tool or app to conclude any of the transactions. You have everything in just one place. No downloads are needed, just a reliable browser and an internet connection. 4Psite can be accessed from anywhere, from any computer - as long as the store owner provides the user with a login.

SAFETY: 4Psite protects your data and privacy. The users have different roles inside the system with limited/ different views when logged in. The store owner role is the only one to have access to the entire system, without limitations. Financial reports are also limited by the assignment you define for each one of your employees.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 4Psite is proud of having an exceptional relationship with its clients - besides being a great system, with inventory management, logistics functionalities, built-in shipping programs, reports, etc. We strongly believe that dealing with people is as important as having a great product. We care for our clients and we have been building meaningful and lasting relationships since 2005. And if you experience any technical problems or need to make special requests: 4Psite's team is always listening and ready to help via phone, email and ticketing system.

So where do you want to go? How much would you'd like your business to grow? Thinking outside of the box is definitely one of the principal ways to change, evolve and thrive. 4Psite is a decisive key to help you achieve your goals.


4Psite is a multi-channel, cloud-based system with features such as inventory management, purchase management, manual orders module, shipping and much more. To discover all about 4Psite, visit our page.

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