Yahoo! Stores

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4PSite centralizes all of your Aabaco Small Business (Yahoo!) stores and channels into one full integrated order management system to allow for a streamlined process. You can perform all stores’ operations through our system including shipping, drop shipping, inventory and purchasing management, CRM, Listers and feeders, QuickBooks integration, and much more. Whether you process a few orders to a few thousand orders a day, our platform streams all of them.

  • Multi-Yahoo! store integration and channels

  • Automatically pull  your store catalog

  • Capture orders in real time

  • Ship orders and notify store on shipping confirmations

  • Capture and process funds automatically on shipping events.

  • Real time inventory updates

  • Options and kits support

  • Add-ons available: Fraud Alert Tool, Inventory Notification System, Shipping Calculator, Coupon Processing and Management, Email Segmentation Wizard, CRM features, and Order Status Portal.

  • And all other features detailed under Order Management, such as: eBay lister, Amazon lister and other feeds, dozens of reports and intelligence.

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